Paperus Sand Agency

Paperus Sand Agency is a renowned company in Bangladesh at Sunamganj supplying country wide river sands, natural sands and ¾ inch, ½ inch &  ¼ inch crushed stone for the long period of time.

We supply our products individual to small, medium and large companies according to their needs. We have a wide network to collects stone boulders and  river sands and natural sands from the Indian border.

We crush stone in our own crusher machine in three different sizes. Moreover we have own transport facilities including nine trollers (medium size engined boat) and 2 cargo ship and more than 57 constant workers in our company .

Our products are good in quality and as we have ability to collect stone, river sand and boulder from the source. So we are selling our product in a reliable rate. We have site office in Sunamgonj at Balur Ghat and main office in Sunamganj at Madda Bazar.

IF you like our products and want to buy it from us, we will ensure quality product and quality servise in a affordable rate. For further information feel free to mail us at or Call at +88-01726-601477 (10.00 am To 6.00 pm, GMT +6).